The courtyard was empty, man; and I got to liking it that way.”

— Chris Colby

When the Rain Comes



When the rain comes nobody ever wants to stick around

When the rain comes everybody always hits the ground

The sky can’t hold the weight of the world

And it’s a shame everyone goes inside

Because when the rain comes everybody knows

It’s best to check out the sky

When the rain comes


When the rains came all the king’s men went astray

The courtyard was empty man and

I got to liking it that way

When the weather clears up the moment truth

I hope that none of them ever come back

Because when the king dies the gold goes to no one

The inevitable stab in the back

When the rain comes


When the pain comes it's best to look it straight in the eye

When the pain comes it hurts just like

That push that went to shove

And I can’t answer for the heavens above

And it’s a shame there’s no use for my love

Because when the pain comes 

It always seems to kill all the ones that we love 

When the rain comes



Copyright 1995 Christopher Colby Van Scyoc. All Rights Reserved.



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