Hi Everyone : 
I have amazing news!!

I have been placed on the Official Ballot for this year's Grammy Awards by The Recording Academy in the following categories: 

Record Of The Year 
Chris Colby - 'The More I Learn'


Album Of The Year 
Chris Colby - 'Chris Colby II'


Best Pop Solo Performance 
Chris Colby - 'The More I Learn'


Best Pop Vocal Album 
Chris Colby - 'Chris Colby II'


Listen below or Here on YouTube


It's an honor to be placed on the ballot and I aspire to get into the Final Top 5 Nominees.

Thank you, for this has all happened because of your amazing support over the years. 

Chris Colby


Chris Colby is an American musician, singer-songwriter, guitarist: Rock, prog, power-pop, the works! He has four full-length album releases and many live shows to his credit.


If you are new to Chris Colby, get a quick overview of his repertoire by listening to the Song Previews on the Songs page.


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Chris Colby Has Landed

Chris Colby Has Landed