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What’s Going on with You

Lead Vocals - Chris Colby
Backing Vocals - Maryann Brainard, Chris Colby, Catherine Van Scyoc
Drums - Aaron Walker
Bass - Bill Harbold
Guitars - Chris Colby
EBow - John Yonosh
Keyboards - Chris Colby


What's Going on with You

The first bird rises as soon as he hears you shut my door
Where are you going? What are you doing?
Don’t you think I don’t know?
How could anybody be so wrong?
Ooh, what’s going on with you?

Love is blind as can be
if your running around is something I can’t see
Your friends and my friends been talking
Whose story am I supposed to believe?
How could anybody be so dumb?
Ooh, what’s going on with you?

When the sunlight reaches my room in the morning
I must convince myself to start all this over again

Hey kid let me put it to you this way
Your walk gives you away
You think I’d just laugh it off and shrug you off, oh no.
Don’t you think I care?
Don’t you know I love you, Dear?
Ooh, what’s going on with you?

Copyright 1997 Christopher Colby Van Scyoc. All Rights Reserved.