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Leave My Worries

Lead Vocals - Chris Colby
Backing Vocals - Chris Colby, Bill Harbold, Catherine Van Scyoc
Drums - Aaron Walker
Agogo - Aaron Walker
Bass - Bill Harbold
Guitars - Chris Colby
Keyboards - Chris Colby


Leave My Worries

Gonna start off on the Mason Dixon Line
I’m gonna head on south from there
Gonna start off on the Mason Dixon Line
Lord knows what I’ll find from there

My woman she ran out on me
But my wife she’s still back home
Maybe I’ll see her when the coast is clear
But for now I’ll just lay low

What’s the use? I’m gonna drive all night
Don’t tell nobody - they won’t find me
I’m okay. I’m all right.
Gonna leave my troubles behind me
For evermore. Forever more.

No desire to head west again
The sun weighs heavy on my mind
I got to get away from them folks around here
No dust collects on my bottle of wine

It was my job. It was my job.
A man’s gotta keep a clean head and mind
To kill a man while he lay sleeping
It was my duty and it wasn’t a crime

Way past the Mason Dixon Line
Still heading south from here
Ever pass the tip of Florida
Mr. Jim knows what we gonna find down there
chorus 2x

Copyright 1997 Christopher Colby Van Scyoc. All Rights Reserved.