This is the continuing story of Little Lucy and her Ten Balloons.

Artist: Chris Colby
Genre: Rock, Jam Band

Drums - Steve McCall
Bass - Bill Harbold
Guitar - Chris Colby
Lead Vocals - Chris Colby
Backing Vocals - Catherine and Chris Colby

Recorded Live in my mom's garage. Lead and backing vocals overdubbed (and mixed) in Cannery Road Studio.

Copyright 2016 Christopher Colby Van Scyoc.


Tethered: Chapters 1 & 2

Little Lucy’s got ten balloons
They were tethered up so high
Now we’re finally on our own
Oh, my!

Little Lucy’s got nine balloons
One was filled with nitrous oxide
Then she took a little-bitty hit off of one and
Now she’s high

Li, Li
Little, Little

Copyright 2016 Christopher Colby Van Scyoc. All Rights Reserved.