1. Juliek Plays

From the recording Begin

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Juliek Plays - 4:55

Drums - Steve McCall
Bass - Mike Bitts
Guitars - Chris Colby
Percussion - Jamey Haddad
Keyboards - Andy Roberts
Vocals - Chris Colby

Mastered at Sterling Sound by Steve Fallone.
Recorded and Mixed by Chris Colby at Cannery Road Studio.
Assistant Recording Engineers: John Yonosh and Bill Harbold.
Produced by Chris Colby.
Album Art by Ann Radley.
Layout and Design by The Design Studio at Disc Makers.
All songs published by Christopher Colby Van Scyoc Music. ASCAP.
Copyright 2008 Christopher C. Van Scyoc. All Rights Reserved.


Juliek Plays

Sunrise, nightfall
All of us racing around a great big yellow ball
I’m up here on the clouds
Love is second nature take a look around
From where I’m at, I can see it all
Never did I think that I might one-day fall

And when our reasons they all fall away
Logic fails and gives us away
We grow up so much faster than we realize
Years fly by like days

Sometimes I feel like walking
When talking’s what I should do
Open up all my scars only reveals a truth
Hand in hand running out
Open doors to things I never found
It’s not this way
I know you want to stay here
But I can’t walk alone

Look how he stands there defiantly thin
Bow in hand violin under chin
Strains of Beethoven rip through the air
Shooting hope through our despair

Juliek Plays – page 2

But then I turn around this is what they say,
“You went your own way, told us not to wait”
Somehow I carried our weight on legs too thin
Then I stumbled
Face in the mud my hand’s up in the air
Reach out for help but all I feel are stares
Fade to black my prayers are cut in half
Stars are broken…

Then he played - Juliek plays. Juliek plays!
My father did not live. But I survived.

And now I feel like talking
When walking’s what I should do
I’m all grown up - scars for skin
But no one wants the truth
With every answer drawn and sung
I’d be a fool to think we need another one
This last song is my last chance
To wonder why we fight when our spirits beg to dance

So in the interest of love and respect
I bow out with grace but please don’t forget
When we let go of our fears and regrets
Love is all that’s left

Copyright 2008 Christopher C. Van Scyoc. All Rights Reserved.