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Certain Something

Drums - Steve McCall
Bass - John Yonosh & Rob Spicer
Guitars - Chris Colby & John Yonosh
Keyboards - Andy Roberts
Vocals - Chris Colby

Mastered at Sterling Sound by Steve Fallone.
Recorded and Mixed by Chris Colby at Cannery Road Studio.
Assistant Recording Engineers: John Yonosh and Bill Harbold.
Produced by Chris Colby.
Album Art by Ann Radley.
Layout and Design by The Design Studio at Disc Makers.
All songs published by Christopher Colby Van Scyoc Music. ASCAP.
Copyright 2008 Christopher Colby Van Scyoc. All Rights Reserved.


Certain Something

It’s been so long since I’ve seen you round
If love was water then I’d like to think I was drowned
By now the only rain if fallen tears
I was assured but now my heart lives in pain in fear
I fight so hard to stay alive I’ve died

It must be – certain something (3x)
That keeps me hanging on to you so long certain something

Every day yes I do my best
To weed the lies from the rest of the things you say
Everything is gonna be alright
But here I stand with a broken heart and lonely nights
I never ever lied to you tell me why


I said I love you
That means I love you
I’ll hold your hand through
These uncertain circumstances
Make it so hard for me to

Stand on my own why do I even try
I fall back down and you laugh at me while I cry
I stand beside you though it’s killing me
True love never folds under misery
I’d give you everything I have for one smile

Chorus (2x)

Copyright 2008 Christopher Colby Van Scyoc. All Rights Reserved.